s p a c e b a b e !

RUSTi SPROKiT was born during an exasperatingly dull departmental office meeting, her gender still in question, on the back of a useless document. She quickly manifested herself on a series of adhesive memo squares before finding she could blast herself into cyberspace.

New adventures used to appear twice monthly, grid willing, but here at our new digs we hope to get some old archival stuff up quickly, hopefully once a week, to advance the plotline.

Currently some ninety-odd strips await cyberair concerning Rusti's ongoing battle against mad science and entropy on behalf of an apathetic galaxy and the Terrestrial Matriarchy.

On the technical side, Rusti was originally drawn with magic markers and hi-liters on post-its.

She was then scanned on one of various machines with a huge resolution on a gig-plus drive, whereupon she was cruelly reduced to a mere 5 megs or so for cosmetic surgery in Photoshop.

Finally she squeezed into a tight-fitting gif for your viewing pleasure in the comforts of cyberspace.

Later, due to the lack of a scanner, Rusti was being drawn with a mouse directly in Photoshop (not Illustrater) on a borrowed Mac LC 475. Much thanks to James Knight, warrior chef and mac guru.

Also a tip of the hat to Ranjit for telling me about the nifty Gifbuilder with which the Spinning Skipper was created.

For those of you who miss Fred and Todd, we hope to have a Shockwave animation of them soon for you to download. (1.2M!)

"excite! found NetReviews about: rusti sprokit
Review: Barbarella as 'tooned by Nicole Hollander. The real artist is carefully hidden from view, but her work is a splendidly cheesy romp through interstellar hazards unguessed until now. Thrill to busty Rusti's surreal adventures with Bauhaus, the agnostic robotic dog. A giggle on every frame. "

NerdWorld Review:
Rusti SProkit, Space Babe!Tough, Beautiful babe roves the cosmos righting wrongs and falling into all kinds of intergalactic adventures. A funny, intelligent, feminist strip.[Score=100]

    "Rusti was originally drawn with magic markers and hi-liters on post-its." Words are failing me; all I can say is that this reminds me of Little Johnny Bongoes (see above link).
This is a review by Michael Fragassi. This is his review of Little Johnny Bongoes:

Little Johnny Bongoes

    Comics done by a 13-year old in 1975. Yikes. By Mike Keneally. Part of Obvious Moose.
Mike Keneally has since hidden Little Johnny Bongoes from view, but I doubt that Mr. Fragassi is being complimentary in his comparison. I think the "Yikes." covers that. E-mail him if you disagree.

RUSTi SPROKiT is a work in progress and the early entries seem somewhat quaint to me now, when I would snatch a few minutes at work to dash off a quick series of drawings for the amusement of my equally oppressed co-workers.

Visonaries of London say:
Rusti Sprokit, Space Babe. For a fantastic example of that underappreciated art form, the Sci-Fi comic, check out Rusti Sprokit, Space Babe. Amazing artwork, intelligent (and bawdy) humor, and a busty babe of an intergalactic heroine to oggle.